Welcome to Gun Plain Pygoras!

We raise and sell  Pygora® goats on our farm in southwest Michigan, and also sell luxurious pygora  yarn and dehaired pygora roving (see Pygora Yarn & Roving for Sale page).

Pygora®  fiber comes from a goat breed derived from cashmere producing Pygmy goats and mohair producing Angora goats. Pygora fiber comes in a variety of colors, and is truly unique – fine and soft like cashmere, lustrous like mohair, and when knitted or crocheted, Pygora yarn “blooms” with a lovely halo, similar to that for angora yarn. To see what it looks like in a finished handknit piece, and get an idea how far this yarn goes, check out our Pygora Projects page.

If you’re interested in Pygora kids, we have a few 2018 kids still available.  If you’re interested, leave a request in the “comment” area on this page. We are happy to post “on request” photos and videos…

All kids will be microchipped, vaccinated and pre-registered. 

For people who are some distance away, we will air ship, or we can deliver or meet you with in a 350 mile range from Kalamazoo, MI.

Our herd is CAE and Johne’s free.

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