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Welcome to Gun Plain Pygoras!

We raise and sell  registered Pygora goats on our farm in southwest Michigan, and also sell luxurious pygora yarn and dehaired pygora roving (see Pygora Fiber for Sale page).

Pygora fiber comes from a goat breed that’s a cross between cashmere producing Pygmy goats and mohair producing Angora goats. Pygora fiber comes in a variety of colors, and is truly unique – fine and soft like cashmere, lustrous like mohair, and when knitted or crocheted, Pygora yarn “blooms” with a lovely halo, similar to that for angora yarn. To see what it looks like in a finished handknit piece, and get an idea how far this yarn goes, check out our Pygora Creations page.

We have just  two 2015 Pygora kids still available – one buckling and one wether. For details including photos & video, check the “Pygora Kids: 2015” page or the “Seasonal Updates” page.  We will air ship, or are willing to meet you with in a 350 mile range from Kalamazoo, MI.

We only dehorn kids under 2-3 weeks of age by special request. All of our kids are microchipped, vaccinated and pre-registered. 

Our herd is CAE and Johne’s free.


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