Pygora Kids: 2017

Our breeding pairs and their kids for spring 2017 are shown below (click on photo to zoom).

Kidding Season is over for Spring 2017. We were blessed with 14 healthy kids – 6 bucklings and 8 doelings. 

Bucklings are dehorned, doelings and wethers are not.

Prices for registered kids start at $350 for doelings, $500 for bucklings, and $150 for wethers. Purchase price includes basic vaccinations needed for the first year, microchip tagging, and pre-registration.


  • Jaxon, buckling, Type-A white fleece, dehorned (Dreamcatcher x BK)
  • Julia – doeling, Type-B white fleece, horns (Dasha x Oregon)

Scroll down to see their pre-registration photos and candid “update” photos…



Gun Plain Pygoras Faye & The Oaks Oregon had our “First Kid” of the 2017 season – a curly, light caramel doeling [RESERVED]! Also the first kid for both of them!!! [20 March]

GPP Dasha & TO Oregon had twins doelings, one medium grey agouti [RESERVED] and one light caramel. [30Mar ]

GPP Claire & TO Oregon had twin bucklings, one solid black and one dark caramel. [4Apr]

Elvira’s & Cato’s kid – a dark grey agouti buckling with a white belly band on his left side. Elvira’s first hid – he’s lively, nursing & slowly getting dried off. [27 Mar]

HMR Dreamcatcher & HMR Black Knight had lustrous white twins, a doeling & a buckling. [28Mar]

Kate & BK have caramel twins, a light caramel doeling [RESERVED] &, a medium caramel buckling [RESERVED]. [27 Mar]

Pre-registration Photos : Doelings


Pre-registration Photos: Bucklings / Wethers



Growing Kids (~4-5 wks old)…

Jodi (front) and Margie (behind) learning to nibble greens…

Jodi (front) and Fritzie (behind) tasting bark.

Jeena tasting twigs,,,

Matilda nibbling grass, Jodi naps nearby.

Jengo (front) and Julia (behind) enjoying the sun.

Margie, Jengo & Julia.

Fritzie napping in the sun after playing hard.

Kids in action!


Claire with her 2 boys, Jengo (left) and Jet (right), 3 week old bucklings.

From left to right – Jengo, Junio & Matilda’s back end.

Julia in front, Matilda behind.

Jengo wonders what I’m doing…

Junio is growing fast – Jet is not far behind…

Matilda naps with her mom (Kate) after a a morning of browsing in the sun.

Tired kids (from left to right): Jeena, Jaxon, Juniper, Matilda

Junio is growing fast, still enjoys his nursing time with Elvira.

Faye could no longer hold her head up – resting with Jovanie.


Three Nice Bucklings! (6-7 weeks old)

Gun Plain Pygoras Jaxon at 7 weeks old.

Gun Plain Pygoras Jengo at 6 weeks old.

Gun Plain Pyggoras Jet at 6 weeks old.