Pygora Kids: 2017

Our breeding pairs for spring 2017 are shown below (click on photo to zoom).

Kids have begun appearing – photos will be posted throughout kidding season, so check back!

WE DO NOT DEHORN as a standard practice, but will on request. Since dehorning should be done when kids are ~1-2 weeks old and we’d have it done by our veterinarian, please contact us within a week of kid pics being posted if you’re interested in dehorned kids from any of these pairs.

Prices for registered kids start at $350 for doelings, $425 for bucklings, and $150 for wethers. Purchase price includes basic vaccinations needed for the first year, microchip tagging, and pre-registration.

Gun Plain Pygoras Faye & The Oaks Oregon had our “First Kid” of the 2017 season – a curly, light caramel doeling! Also the first kid for both of them!!!